These are a few of the projects I've worked on/ am still working on.


This project was for the fictive company AGS, it was a school project. AGS needed to make an app for VVV Breda, the tourist information center of Breda, a city in the Netherlands.

This app guides you through the city center of Breda on one of the four routes that you can choose. It gives a pop-up with information at important points throughout the route.

  • GPS
  • Google routes API through several checkpoints
  • Geofence Pop-ups
  • Specified through multiple documents


This android app takes your location and draws a random route to a European city.

The goal of the app is to guess the distance and improve your knowledge of geussing distances.

  • GPS
  • Google routes API
  • UI
  • Custom keyboard and error messages


This app shows you the dutch school vacations. This was the first app I had made as a school project.

The goal of this app is to inform people in the simplest way possible about the dutch vacations.

  • API
  • Asynctask for loading data
  • JSON




I'm a junior software developer.

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